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Rediscover God

Nearly Sixty percent of People in the UK believe in the existence of God. In fact, the question more commonly heard is not “Does God exist?” but rather “What is God like?” Is God different than what we’ve been taught? Who is God, really?

We believe that 2 Chronicles 16:9, a verse from the Bible, provides a great answer to these questions. The passage tells us that God is real. He is not distant, but close, and we can experience him in our everyday lives. God also desires to be at the centre of our lives. He is actively looking for a relationship with any person that will open their heart to him. Finally, God wants to transform our lives. He is loving and good and wants to give his supernatural strength to us in ways that make our lives and the world better.

Here at ‘High Street’ our desire is to help people rediscover God. The natural and healthy outcome of rediscovering God is a new kind of church — not one based on rules and rituals, but rather one that resembles the heart of Christ.